AND Function

AND: AND is the most powerful logical function. AND is used when we have to test several conditions and make sure that all conditions are TRUE.

AND Formula Syntax:

=AND (Logical 1, [Logical 2],….)


Logical 1 is the first condition or logic to evaluate

Logical 2 is the second condition or logic to evaluate

In the above array, if Score in both subjects is more than 35 AND function results TRUE. If the score in either of any subject is less than 35 returns FALSE.

AND Function in conjunction with IF Function

AND Function returns “PASS” if the score of Maths as well as science is more than 35 and returns “FAIL” if  FALSE.

END function returns PASS if Maths and Science score>=35.

If both logical tests are TRUE the result will be of “PASS”, if FALSE returns “FAIL”

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