NOT Function

NOT:-  NOT returns opposite of given logical or Boolean value. When given TRUE, NOT returns FALSE.

Why do we want to get such a ridiculous result? In certain cases, we might be more interested to know when a certain condition is not met. In that case, we can use NOT function.

NOT Function Syntax:



Logical:  A value or logical expression that can be evaluated as TRUE or FALSE.

Tutorial of NOT function in Excel


In the above example, we don’t want to select any item having Yellow color. For that, we can use NOT function in the D column.

IF we want to test several conditions in the single formula we can use NOT function in conjunction with AND or OR function. For example, if we want to exclude two colors Yellow and Orange we can use NOT function along with OR.

NOT FUNCTION in conjunction with OR Function:

Let’s consider we need to exclude Orange and Yellow colors.

NOT FUNCTION conjunction with AND Function:

Same way let’s consider we need to exclude Yellow color in Sleepwear only. For that, We will use NOT function in conjunction with AND.

The result is C29 with FALSE as we do not want to exclude sleepwear & Yellow color.

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