OR Function

OR:  OR is the logical function to work with Logical values. We can use this logical function when we want to carry out more than one comparison in our formula or we want to test multiple conditions instead of one. The logical function returns either TRUE or  FALSE.

OR Formula Syntax:

=OR(Logical 1, Logical2,….

Let’s use of OR function to identify the student in below table who score less than 35 in both subjects: Maths and Science.

OR Function example

Here you can see with the use of OR function we got TRUE as a result for the student who scores more than 35 marks in both subjects.

IF Function with nested OR

The formula returns “PASS” if the score of Maths and science is more than 35 and returns “FAIL” if  FALSE.

In the above tutorial, we can see that if marks obtain in any of the two subjects is less than 35 result is FAIL, otherwise it PASS.

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